Working with Reusable Variables and the SmartDocs API


You can use the SmartDocs API to manage the reusable variables in a Microsoft® Word document to:

  • Create a new variable in a document.
  • Update the name, value, and properties of an existing variable.
  • Insert a variable into your document content.
  • Get all of the variables currently in a document.
  • Determine if a document contains any variables.
  • Determine if a document contains a variable with a specific name.

Sample Document

This code sample demonstrates how to use the SmartDocs API to create a new variable in a document. The variable is named Product_Name and it is assigned the value SmartDocs Professional Edition. If the variable is successfully created, the name of the variable is displayed in a message box.

Code Samples

Below are code samples that show how you can use the SmartDocs API to manage reusable variables. The code samples are written in VBA, but these same functions can be performed in any COM-supported programming language.

NOTE: The code samples below assume you have already retrieved a reference to the SmartDocsAutomationDocument object and have stored the reference in a VBA parameter named AutomationDocument.

For example:

Create New Variable

Dim automationResult As SmartDocsAutomationResult
Set automationResult = automationDocument.CreateReusableVariable
("Product_Name","SmartDocs Professional Edition", False)
If automationResult.Success
        Dim reusableVariable As SmartDocsReusableVariable
        Set reusableVariable = automationResult.Object
        MsgBox reusableVariable.Name
        MsgBox "Error"
End If
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